This Is Your Brain…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating at a mentor/career day at the local high school, something I was thrilled to be a part of.  I was invited last week by my next door neighbor, a soon to be graduating senior who along with another friend created this event for the entire junior class to attend to learn more about different types of careers and opportunities (from real estate to engineering, education to retail, etc).  

I was asked a couple days ago for a short bio and to describe my current job (N/A). I found it hilarious that after a twenty year career, I was finally invited to a career day once I was gainfully unemployed. I couldn’t tell if I was to play the role of the “before” or the “after” but either way it was clear to me — I Was A Career Day PSA!! 

If anyone knows of any after school specials that need a helping hand, I’m available. 

In all seriousness, I was so impressed with these kids.  The event was concepted and run by two 17yr olds and was well attended. Honestly, how many redeeming things were you doing when you were 17?  The group of juniors was incredibly diverse and the students were genuinely confident and curious about their future and the world. I was asked about the benefits of a liberal arts background vs. more disciplinary focus, talked about the importance of curiosity and interpersonal skills, and encouraged kids to pursue their passions. There were numerous women that want to pursue a career in math or engineering (so needed), students that want to drive community impact and outreach and many that want to push significant sustainability/climate policy change.  Wow! 

Between the unicorn frappuccinos and the selfie culture we often think of this generation as narcissistic kids who’d rather snap than talk. I firmly believe they have so much to offer our world. I left hopeful and inspired yesterday that our country and our planet will be in very good hands and I will do everything in my power to help these kids be the change that we need. 

Now pass the avacado toast. 


A blog by any other name…

Welcome to North Coast Ventures!

It’s one week into my post-Bullseye phase, and I’ve seamlessly settled into a lifestyle balancing day-drinking (sorry Jamie for being such a bad influence), playing pick up soccer, advising start ups, mentoring and attending all the boys’ school and sports activities. I’m a natural.  If only this were a sustainable future. But to be honest, there is so much that I want to do even while I’m supposed to be taking time off not doing anything.  New business ideas, potential investments, hobbies to pick up or rediscover; shit I might go full Yeezy and create a shoe and apparel line. 

I decided while I’m figuring out what my next chapter is going to be it would be fun to chronicle all the new things I experience and encounter along the way. This could be a new album that I’m feeling, a disruptive company that I encounter, a new idea that challenges my worldview or just the daily ramblings and observations of someone who finally has the time on his hands to write it all down. 

So my first point of order was to figure out what the hell I want to call the blog, something that encapsulates what I want to do and all of the diverse things I want to explore.  Here’s a few I ruled out:

  • Shower, Shave and Show up– great advice from my 8 year old during my last days of employment
  • Unemployed and Unimportant– Jamie’s sage-like advice preparing me for what really happens after leaving your job after so many years
  • Corporate Bad Boy– every institution needs an Agitator in Chief. CDiddy!
  • Retirement 1.0– consider this my stint with the Chicago White Sox to pursue my dream of pro baseball (definitely not b/c of my significant gambling that would be a major black eye on the NBA, but I digress) 
  • Caseezus- My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Follow-up

Over the last several years I have spent so much time on the coasts at the epicenters of disruptive thinking and cutting-edge research. I want to take the best of that talent and mindset and blend it with the culture, innovation and soul that can only be found here in the Midwest to create and define the next ecosystem of change and new ideas–a place I call the North Coast. So here we go. 

Welcome to North Coast Ventures!